31 Days to Clean: Days 6, 7, 8 & 9

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

I promise, I’m not trying to be a show off or anything by getting ahead. I’m about to be out of town for 2 weeks so I’m trying to get ahead. AND, we *just* finished the kitchen remodeling so I just put things back into cabinets and drawers, making it already pretty well organized and tidy. When we get to bedrooms and living room, oy, it will be a different story!
Day 6 – the Mary challenge is simple – print out and use the “six list” for 6 days. I printed it and am using it -I’ll let you know in 6 days how it’s going! Today so far I’m on item 3, not bad for 2pm. Not great but then again, my helpers keep me kinda busy too.
baby, chocolate lab puppy, yellow lab dog
The Martha challenge for today involved cleaning and organizing cabinets. I went a bit different and took the time to finish putting away all the things we had out of the cabinets while we were painting them.
messy shelf
messy bookshelf
It took me about an hour to get everything off those shelves and put away. On a side note, I was able to put all the plastic containers into the Goodwill box. We’re switching to all glass and I found a pile of them on clearance at the grocery store on the weekend. A few are going to the garage for my husband to use for nuts and bolts and things but most are out the door.
empty area in room where shelf was
When I had the shelf unit cleaned off completely, I moved it to our sunroom and used it to stack up all my craft supplies that were um, strewn all over the floor… When my husband came home at lunch he literally stopped in his tracks and said “Whoa, where’s the shelf unit?” He was definitely pleased and impressed with progress!
Day 7 came with some Bible reading and cleaning the pantry. Since I just organized it last week, I got to skip that part. There were pantry items here and there around the kitchen and dining room that I found a place for though.
Day 8 involved cleaning and organizing drawers. Same story there, added to a few empty ones, but didn’t need to do much cleaning or org work there. The Mary challenge was a bit tougher, thinking and writing about some difficult times and God’s work during them.
Day 9 was the sweep and mop day. We’ve been doing this every day since the puppy arrived to keep things somewhat sanitary after each day of accidents. The Mary challenge was a bit harder to face – confronting laziness. No one wants to admit to it but I know we all struggle with it at some point. I think my biggest obstacle lately is just using tiredness as an excuse. The baby still gets up multiple times each night most nights – last night found me letting the puppy out a few times too. I think I got out of bed maybe 5 or 6 times between midnight and 5am. So yeah, I’m tired. I’d like to nap, relax or just veg out. But I have to be up and about taking care of the baby, the dogs… so I might as well be productive. It’s definitely nice to know when my husband comes home at the end of the day and asks what I did, I can name off several, tangible things, instead of saying, oh, you know, baby stuff…
Next up is the living room – we have an actual living room, a family room off the kitchen and a family room in the basement. I’m gonna be busy! The family rooms are okay, but the living room upstairs? Well, just to keep it real, here it is this morning –
messy room It’s currently my sewing space, holds the dressers from our bedroom, our old couch, a cabinet yet to be installed in the kitchen, inventory for my shop… it’s a wreck!

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