Afternoon Delight with the Farmer

Ahhhh… I had a nice bit of afternoon fun with my favorite farmer. I have been feeling completely left out of all the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-along fun lately but between my parents visiting us for two weeks, a week of vacation, the baby learning to crawl & getting two teeth, etc. etc. etc. it just wasn’t happening.

Today, as soon as the little one went down for her afternoon nap, I grabbed my supplies and got to sewing. This is block 6 – Big Dipper. This is the first block I have used foundation paper piecing on and it was nice to not be fussing with templates. I am pretty speedy with my paper piecing too, so that makes things go quickly.

The fabrics came from a scrap bag from someone else, so I’m not sure what they are. I’d guess the purple is shot cotton, not sure on the grey.

Now if I can get some bee blocks caught up I can have some more fun with the farmer!

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2 Responses to Afternoon Delight with the Farmer

  1. Kimberlee says:

    I just love your combo of the plum and gray. Gorgous!

    I am right there with you on the baby. Ms. V learned to crawl last friday, and now is ‘mobile’ and non-stopping. She has been teething horrendously now for two weeks, and though I can feel the tooth, it hasn’t come ‘out’ yet.

    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

    • Chris says:

      We’re in teething hell right now. Every time I have a chance to sew I seem to choose to at least try and nap instead since we’re not really sleeping at night. This too shall pass but it’s kinda rough getting there!

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