New Beginnings in a New Year


(My Erin Condren Life Planner ready to organize all.the.things in 2016.)

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A new year brings so many desires to start new for me. It’s like a clean slate with nothing written yet. The struggle is to not try to do too many new things at once. I have not yet filled out all the fancy goal setting paperwork that I have printed, and I’m sure the Make Over Your Year course I’m taking soon will give me ideas too but for now, my goals are relatively simple.

  1. School! My big girl (5) is asking for cooking school, so we are going to try to do at least weekly if not more often, cooking time together. I’m hoping we can begin reading Rush Revere and the First Patriots which she got for Christmas, and we will be reading whichever American Girl book is on the schedule for book club this month. I’d like to get her back into Life of Fred but I think I need to plan ahead for supplemental activities to make each chapter last a week. I also have a selection of Disney princess workbooks from Dollar Tree with handwriting practice that we should get to. She is beginning ballet class this week also. AWANA and Mom’s Day Out start back up as well. So many things to do!
  2. My little girl (3) needs to get used to doing some school work too. Don’t get me wrong – I do not mean she needs to sit down and do workbook pages or anything like that. She needs to learn to sit at the table and be quietly occupied sometimes though. I found some foam tanagrams in the Target Dollar Spot. We also have pattern blocks, a huge pack of dry erase tracing books I got from Groupon and a few other things for her to play with. We are on a break from Play-dough right now but she loves her Duplo so maybe those will help too. She will be starting a gymnastics class in a few weeks and I am looking forward to giving her a chance to move her body in new ways. She has a lot of energy!
  3. Food. My husband has been having a lot of issues lately related to what he eats and I am beginning to suspect he may have diabetes. I am certainly on track for it as well. Ouch. We really have to make a better effort to take care of our bodies. I need to actually eat breakfast and not put my entire day’s sugar allowance in my coffee. I need to make a realistic meal plan full of simple meats (from the freezer) and loads of simply prepared veggies. The kids are in major candy and carb craving mode also and I am hopefully I can step them down off that cliff. I am starting by just not replacing things we run out of.
  4. Bible time. I need to have devotions with the girls each day in some form or fashion. I want to step up my own study beyond just reading a verse or two a day and praying. I would also really like to see if I can get my husband to begin having some Bible reading / devotional time with me each week. We are both reading and praying and looking for direction for our future but I feel like maybe doing it together would be good to both help us find our answer, and keep us closer together. This is what I’m trying to do with the kids.

There are so many other things I’d love to get into our routine but honestly it will be plenty to work on these things and keep up with the laundry and dishes and cooking (and my cute helpers)!3

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