A Simple Math Plan

Our back to school had the brakes put on big time yesterday when we started the day with fevers all around and vomiting from my 5 year old. The girls and I seem to have a pretty bad cold. The vomiting, I’m assuming, was just stomach irritation from all the snot. Yuck! So yesterday turned into pajama and movie day in a big way. I’m not too worried though. My big girl is not even technically “old enough” for school since she turned 5 in November. So we are still in practice mode. Seeing what works for us, trying a little of this and a little of that.

She has learned a lot of calendar information since the summer after I put a paper calendar on the fridge and filled it in with all of our activities. She now usually knows what month, day and date it is, she marks off the days as they go by. She knows when Daddy is coming home from a business trip or which day ballet class is going to be. It really gave her some independence to be able to check her own schedule each day. She has also learned her ordinal numbers through at least ten (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) with only us chatting about it each day. I love this type of learning. It’s so natural.

It was pretty cute when we gifted her ballet class for Christmas and she rushed to her calendar and put a big B on each Thursday to show when she has class. She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday which showed up as a D with a sad face (there was a shot involved).


This is another, hopefully, natural learning opportunity. We got her this basic watch for Christmas. I ask her what time it is a few times a day and then we look at it together and figure it out. She is getting her hours down already. Minutes will take more practice I am sure.


This is not my image – I found it on Facebook, but it is another simple, natural math project we are working on. We won’t use just pennies. I think using all type of coins will make it a good exercise in counting money. I explained to both girls this morning, if we did this each day all year and counted our money out, we would have enough money to go to Great Wolf Lodge at the end. They seemed to think that was a pretty awesome idea. I will be laying aside dollar bills from my cash grocery budget so that when we get to the fall and it is a few dollars each day, I will be ready. I don’t know that my little girl (age 3) will pick up how to count money through this, but I do think it will solidify her counting overall. Maybe I will have her put her contributions in mostly in pennies to really work at counting.

So, while I know one of my goals for math is to work through Life of Fred, if we don’t get very far, or my big girl doesn’t enjoy it much, I know we will be doing ok with these daily activities, board games, and time spent cooking. She plays Mathseeds and a few other math based games on her iPad as well. As with many things she probably already knows a lot more than I give her credit for!

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