Cooking School Has Begun!


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When we were chatting in December about getting back to our school work, my big girl requested Cooking School. We may watch a LOT of food TV like Chopped, Worst Cooks in America, PBS cooking shows, etc. When she was about 2 1/2 she loved to watch America’s Test Kitchen before she went to bed every night. And we do cook a lot at our house as well. I had heard high praise for the International Cookbook for Kids and The 2nd International Cookbook for Kids.  I found them both for a great price on Amazon (around $7 each) so I ordered them. The first recipe she wanted to try was Lentil Soup!


It went really well. The cookbook is nicely laid out in how it arranges the steps and the way it explains things. I am hopeful it will also help us try some new foods with the international aspect of things. Of course, even thought she cooked it she still decided she didn’t like it. We’re definitely in a picky eating phase but I’ll keep trying.

It’s really fun to watch her cook something and go through the steps. And to watch the pride she has when she gets to do something like use the stove. The Grace American Girl movie recently popped up on Netflix too so we have been watching that and getting inspired to bake things. She got Bake Through The Bible for Christmas and I think we will use that for our baking inspiration most of the time. It ties a Bible story to a recipe and has some questions and further activities to go along with it.

We are getting out our Beginners Bible to do some activities also. I found these cool Beginner’s Bible Activity Book and Beginner’s Bible Coloring Book to go along with it which gives us a little more to do than just read the story.


This is our other project at the moment – getting my little girl to nap again! We have been all off kilter with our schedule and skipping naps or even skipping rest time all together. It works fine some days but lately I could tell she was just exhausted, which results in lots of crying and fighting and just difficult times all around. We are also working on potty training AND the poor kiddo has an ear infection I think (I’m assuming that’s why she told me her ears hurt at 1am…).


In a quest for more one on one time AND more sneaky everyday math, I am trying to play board games with my big girl after my little girl goes to bed a few evenings a week. We play with all three of us in the afternoons sometimes too. I made some warmed milk with vanilla, nutmeg and honey the other night and we played Candy Land and then an Eeboo Tell Me a Story game. I suppose neither is very math-ish but oh well. I also picked up Sum Swamp which just came in the mail today. I have heard it is really good.

We added some science tools and an experiment kit to our growing pile of homeschool stuff also. I feel like we have SO much stuff but I’m trying to find what sticks for us or what is exciting/fun/interesting. We also have a beautiful homeschool room on our sun porch. Which has no heat or cooling. So, we haven’t been using it since right now it is so cold in there. I need to figure out some ways for it to see some more use. It’s a beautiful light filled space with books, and a brick wall and beams and bead board. I mean… all the cute! It’s comfy too. But the minute the kids get in there it seems like it ends up a total mess. So something needs tweaking I can tell. I’m just not sure what.

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