Be a “Yes” Mom!

It has been a busy fall as far as academics go, but a relaxed fall as far as activities go. It’s been nice actually. We are using the Winter Promise Hideaways in History curriculum to do an overview of world history this year. It’s a little heavy on reading for the little girl (who is 5 now!!) but we are just taking it more slowly than suggested and it’s going well. We are currently doing a deeper dive into ancient Egypt than the curriculum scheduled, so that’s been fun. I just ordered Mummy Rummy¬† with some Swagbucks and we are attempting to read a Cleopatra biography by Leonora Hornblow. It’s from 1968 so we will see if we make it through.

Math… is not happening in an official way. Big girl is very anti math lately so I’m just leaving it. We talk about math-y things when they come up and play a lot of games that use math in scoring or whatever and I’m calling it good enough.

We are on our second Brave Writer Quiver of Arrows book for the year. We read The Trumpet of the Swan earlier and are now working through The House at Pooh Corner. Big girl is a grump about doing the copywork but we will get there. Both girls are working on aspects of handwriting in OT so it is slowly improving. I keep meaning to introduce a Jot it Down creative writing project but it hasn’t happened yet. Our morning flow is just really good right now and I don’t want to upset things! Every day of the week while they eat breakfast they ask me what we are reading for school so I can’t complain about that.

We are going to Lego Club and Story time at the library every week and those have been good additions to our week. There is also AWANA each week. Just enough to keep things interesting but not so much as our crazy summer with sports and gymnastics and VBS and all the things. It’s either feast or famine in our small town as far as kids activities goes.

I am working on being more of a “yes” Mom for adding enchantment to our days a la Bravewriter Lifestyle. Yesterday it meant yes, you can make a cup of tea after dinner to sip while we work on jigsaw puzzles (it also meant seeking out jigsaw puzzles on the local buy, sell, trade page so we could have a pile to work on). When some homeschool friends were visiting overnight it meant saying yes to a poetry breakfast with cut crystal cereal bowls and tea for everyone. Thankfully I keep the poetry books right by the dining table so that part was easy.

Yesterday it also meant saying yes we will go to the state park and play and look for rocks on the beach even though it’s only 34 degrees. It also meant yes I will read this whole Secrets of American History beginning reader chapter book before bed even though I had no idea why little girl was SO excited to read about World War II. Today it might mean we will have a little fire in the fire pit outside, or we will watch a movie since Daddy is out of town. Who knows!

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