31 Days to Clean

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

I know my biggest complaint at times is that I don’t have enough time to sew and quilt because I am always behind on housework. I’m behind because we moved, we’re remodeling, the baby needs lots of attention, we just got a puppy… oh so many reasons.
But this challenge – Having a Martha House the Mary Way – seriously appeals to me. Working on my heart and my head to figure out why I want a clean house – and while I’m figuring it out, getting the house clean step by step. The steps are short enough I think I can keep up for awhile. I’ll be traveling mid month, and we have a family vacation after that, but, I can make progress until then.
I am starting a day early, so I will have a chance to blog, clean and keep up with the baby and the puppy (I probably should’ve started a week or two early!). I’m pretty excited to get started too. There’s time for you to start too – just click the link above, buy the book and get ready.
The Day 1 challenge is to think about the Why portion of things. Why do you want a clean house? I want a haven, a place of peace and comfort for my husband and my family. I also want to be able to be more open to hospitality – without the need for a day of housecleaning first, it becomes a lot more possible. Finally, I want my daughter to grow up with a mostly good example of a place for everything and everything in it’s place so she can learn to be tidy as she grows up.
So, will you join me on this journey?

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Whoa… Fabric overload!

bolts of fabric

My ages ago order of 5 bolts of Echino Fall 2010 finally all arrived. And the bolts of DS Quilts fabric I ordered have started arriving. I have 14 of the prints with the other 7 ordered. I’ll be selling bundles of the complete line on Etsy once they all arrive.

chocolate lab puppy

Now if I can just get this guy settled in I can get back to sewing!

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DS Quilts (Denyse Schmidt) for Joann’s

Amazing! I went to my local Joann’s and found the entire line of DS Quilts, right in a bin next to the cutting table. Score!
I’m working on cutting them into cute little charm packs – 2 squares of each fabric in the line (21 fabrics = 42 squares). I’ll have them in the shop later this evening, for now, if you’re interested, comment, find me on flickr or email me. I should have several available. $19.95 each. I’ll ship internationally too.

Visit my Etsy shop for this charm pack or FQ bundles. I’m planning another fabric run soon, so do let me know if you’re looking for specific yardage.


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Diamond string block

This block idea came to me in the middle of the night while feeding the baby (think 3am). I didn’t have a free hand, paper, pencil or a light on, so I went to sleep hoping I would remember it in the morning. I did! And I think it will be great for my Lovely Linen Bee April block. Mainly because if I buy fabric to make this AND fabric for my bee month the budget will make grouchy faces at me.

We just made spiderweb blocks for Nikki, so this will be a similar piecing style, on a different shape block. I took a few pictures while making a test block pair, using scraps from another project since they were already in strips.

photo of the finished diamond string quilt block

This is the finished block pair. I have yellow Essex linen/cotton blend for the base and some gray and yellow fabrics for the strings. I will ask group members to add in yellow scraps, and gray if they have them. I plan to keep the center strips gray on all the blocks.

a rectangle of fabric with a triangle drawn on it

These pieces are 6 3/4s by 12 1/2. I used a corner of my 12×12 square ruler to draw the triangle. The fabric is Essex by Robert Kaufman in Sand. The continuing line at the top indicates which strip to overlap at the top.

one half of the quilt block, pieced, before trimming.

Piecing goes quickly, I finger press each seam and do a final press with the iron at the end, before trimming. For this block, we’re always going to have gray as the first strip on each side. You can add an additional gray strip in the piecing, or not.

showing the back of the quilt block and where to trim string pieces

Flip the block over and trim overhanging strips even with the linen base piece. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly perfect, just don’t trim the linen – if a little of the strings show, it’s fine.

adding the first piece to the second portion of the quilt block

This is where the overlap comes in. Line up a gray piece along the line and overlap the already pieced portion at the top. Sew it down, and finger press.

lining up fabric at the sewing machine

Here is the fabric lined up, overlapped and ready to sew.

adding pieces to the second portion of the quilt block

Continue adding pieces until the linen base block is covered. Then press, trim and move on to the next block!

a pair of completed blocks, ready to be sewn together

I think this is going to look really great in yellow and gray. What do you think?

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